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India is known for high quality low cost eye care. Is it a fact ?


Is Eyecare Cheap in India ?

Is Eyecare Cheap in India ?

Low cost – High-quality Eyecare in India.

Thane, a city of lakes. A Western Indian state of Maharashtra. Highly populated district of India. In recent years around 8 lakh, people migrated to Thane from Mumbai. Being the most populated district it has you will see a variety of classes of people. With its vastly growing industrialization, IT sector, Business class people, schools, colleges; Thane has the maximum number of people seeking good healthcare.

Vin-r Eye Care Center is working to combat blindness in developing cities of Mumbai & Suburb. Includes, Thane, Mulund, Dombivli, Kalyan, Vikhroli. One of the largest eye hospital in Mulund.

Aim of our Sight Saver Mission

  • To combat blindness
  • Providing better and cost-effective eye care in Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli, and other parts of Mumbai.
  • One-stop care for Diabetic Retinopathy & Glaucoma that too at an affordable cost.

Eye care Insights in Thane & Mulund

You might have heard that “India has become a leader in low cost – High-quality eye care”. But is it really a fact? Let’s talk about Thane & Mulund before India. Is Ophthalmic care affordable in eye hospitals in Thane? A simple answer that we found is “No”. When the media talks about the news they always mention high quality along with cheap. We can rearrange the news “India becomes a leader in low cost – high-quality eye care for rich people in India and outside India”.

Yes it’s a fact that India has the best technologies for eye care treatments available in the world. Top ophthalmic companies have their foundations in our country. India ranks highest when it comes to medical tourism. But the fact is these insights are calculated in urban cities but not the rural or keeping in mind the middle or lower-middle-class people of our country.

What is the cost of cataract surgery?

In mathematical terms, in our country cost is directly proportional to the class of people. Let’s talk about Cataract surgery only. Uprise in cataract technologies in simple words is

  1. Standard Cataract ( Phaco )
  2. Bladeless / Femtosecond Cataract ( so-called high quality )

Cost of standard cataract in Thane and Mulund starts with 9000* whereas bladeless cataract with the so-called high-quality lens can cost up to 1 lakh.

Is this what media calls high-quality eye care at a low cost?

Vin-r always tries to bring costs on affordable sides and what we call high quality is a surgical hand of an ophthalmologist. We don’t call ourselves best but yes, we have the most trusted eye specialist in Mulund.  We believe not to select a technology on the basis of what it costs or when it is introduced but we select it as and when it is needed.