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Is It Possible To Treat Lazy Eye? - Vin-R Eye Care Centre


Is It Possible To Treat Lazy Eye?

Is It Possible To Treat Lazy Eye?

Lazy eye is the non-scientific term for Amblyopia. In most cases of amblyopia, one eye just isn’t seeing as clearly as the other.
Or in medical terminology, amblyopia is a reduction of best-corrected visual acuity that can’t be contributed to the structural abnormality of the eye.

Why does amblyopia occur?

Due to high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and/or the presence of a constant eye turn, the brain suppresses (or turns off) the information from one eye, which negatively impacts the development of binocular vision.
Though amblyopia doesn’t have physical signs, you can not diagnose Amblyopia just by looking at the eyes. Need a detailed examination (Amblyopia Treatment in Vikhroli) and it does have telltale symptoms, which can include:

  • difficulty with depth perception
  • eye-strain
  • visual fatigue
  • headaches

Here is the good news!
People of all ages, including adults, can opt for Amblyopia Treatment in Vikhroli, contrary to the common misconception that treatment can only work with young children.
Regardless of a person’s age, the visual system which consists of the eyes, the brain, and the visual pathways- can be retrained due to the brain’s plasticity.

The conventional treatments for amblyopia include-

  • Refractive error correction
  • Occlusion/ patching
  • Atropine penalization

Newer and more additionally effective treatment modality is Dichoptic vision therapy.
The new Dichoptic office-based vision therapies are a promising treatment for patients with residual amblyopia.

Each session of vision therapy is one-to-one (therapist-to-patient) conducted under our (doctor‘s) supervision. We utilize the latest technology and methods, including in-office and home-support virtual reality to develop a binocular vision and depth perception, making treatment enjoyable and productive.

Nothing can limit your ability to see the world clearly, not even your lazy eye!