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Spectacle Free Life with LASIK – It’s a Bliss!

Spectacle Free Life with LASIK – It’s a Bliss!

The other day, I met a diver who had glasses. To make his passion for diving more enjoyable and convenient, he made diving goggles with his spectacle number. When I suggested him a better (or the best I can say) choice, which is LASIK Surgery in Vikhroli, I was surprised to hear that he has the fear of laser eye surgery!!!

I hope this blog will help you come out of your fear of LASIK and make you feel confident enough to undergo the LASIK procedure safely and happily, with the best-unaided vision.

Eyes are our windows to the world. Having a clear vision is to have the freedom of sight, the luxury of seeing everything firsthand, rather than having to peek through the slides of glass.

Recently more patients are turning to the benefits of laser correction, to discover the freedom and joys of living without the glasses or contacts.
The post LASIK life will be bliss! Whether you are farsighted (hyperopia), nearsighted (myopia), have presbyopia or have astigmatism, laser eye surgery doesn’t just improve your vision, -it improves so much more as you will have-

  • an active lifestyle, without restrictions
  • convenience in doing routine activities
  • saves time and money
  • you will like the way you look
  • hassle-free life, of not to worry about spectacle or contact lenses care

A piece of interesting information to be noted is, since its FDA approval in 1998, LASIK has become the most widely performed and accepted form of laser-assisted vision correction, with NASA and the US military allowing custom correction for their astronauts and pilots.

LASIK Surgery in Vikhroli can change the world you see forever!

Dr. Shrivani Ajja,
MBBS, DNB Ophthalmology Cataract, and LASIK surgeon