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About Cataract

A CATARACT is a dense, cloudy area that forms in the lens of the eye. A cataract begins when proteins in the eye form clumps which don’t allow the retina to display images formed.

The retina works by changing over the light that gets through the perspective into the sign. It sends the sign to the optic nerve, which conveys them to the mind.

It develops slowly and eventually interferes with your vision.

Cataract Specialist in Mulund


Clouding of normally clear lens of your eye is known as CATARACT.

– Clouded, Blurred or Dim vision.
– Sensitivity to light and glare.
– Seeing halos around light.
– Fading or yellowing of colors.
– Freq prescription changes of your glasses.

– Age is the most risk factor for CATARACT.
– Diabetes Mellitus.
– Years of Excessive exposure to sun and UV rays.
– Medication- Steroids may also increase the risk of developing CATARACT.
– Smoking
– Eye Injury.

– Doing a comprehensive medical Eye Examination.
– A Health and medication History- DM, HTN, Smoking, Job description, Medication.
– Vision History- Family History, Eye treatment, Previous Surgeries /Injuries,     Last date of Examination.
– Visual Activity – (Distance and Near)
– Refraction.
– Slit Lamp Examination.
– Dilation- Biometry (A scan).

Well, the cost of cataract surgery depends on type of technology and quality of lens you use. However its a fact that better the technology and lens , more is the cost. Cataract cost in Thane and Mulund at Vin-r starts from INR 9000/- to INR 1,40000 /- Per eye.

This also depend on surgeon to surgeon. A new eye specialist may charge you less. At Vin R, we believe in a fact that good outcome of cataract surgery as well as fast recovery needs good surgeon skills.

We introduced some new technologies in India. For example, Centurion Silver Phaco Machine & Vin R Eye Care is the first to have it in India.

How technological advancements available at our clinic help in diagnosis and operating CATARACT?

– We have the latest technologies for diagnostic and operating CATARACT:
– Lenstar Machine (Haag Streit, Germany) Provides laser interferometric biometry of the entire eye, precise keratometry, astigmatism, axis measurement, central corneal thickness, simultaneously in Single measurements.
– The latest Phacoemulsification machine (Centurion Machine) (Alcon – USA).
– The world’s most advanced Microscope (Made in Germany).
– Zepto machine – Latest advancement in automated CATARACT Surgery.
It has robotic precision & with its help, the placement of the lens is most accurate.


Visit the best Cataract specialists in Mumbai.

Have a clear vision with the best cataract surgery.

For a safe and speedy CATARACT surgery recovery, follow these tips:

  1. Don’t drive immediately.
  2. Do not lift heavy goods.
  3. Avoid bending over to avoid pressure.
  4. If possible, don’t sneeze or vomit right after surgery.
  5. Be careful walking around after surgery.
  6. To reduce the risk of infection, avoid swimming or using a hot tub during the first week.
  7. Don’t expose your eye to irritants such as grime, dust, etc.
  8. Don’t rub your eye.

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