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GLAUCOMA Specialist in Mulund – Thane

GLAUCOMA is the condition of an eye where the optic nerves get damaged. This damage is often caused by high pressure created on high.
GLAUCOMA is one of the major causes of blindness after the age of 60. Though it can occur at any age group.
Most of the time GLAUCOMA does not show any warning signs. You may not notice the changes in vision unless it reaches an advanced stage.
If left untreated GLAUCOMA may lead to permanent blindness.

Glaucoma Specialist in Mulund

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma Specialist in Mulund

It is a condition that causes damage to the optic nerve of your eye and results in permanent vision loss and blindness.

FAQs on Glaucoma

– There is no cure for GLAUCOMA, early detection is key preventing vision loss from the disease.
– The goal of any treatment is to prevent loss of vision, because vision loss from glaucoma is irreversible.
– GLAUCOMA ,the only solution is Eyedrops, pills, Laser treatment and Surgery as well as Combination of these methods.
-We can prevent most types of GLAUCOMA .
– Early detection, ongoing treatment and monitoring are key factors to limiting damage from the disease.

At Vin-R Eye care we emphasize on comprehensive treatment by glaucoma super-specialist. Perfect diagnosis and accurate treatment is the only solution when it comes to glaucoma.

– Regular monitoring of Intra ocutor pressure.
– Perimetry (Mapping the visual fields)
– OCT Disc (Show Retinal Nerve fibre thickness)
– Pachymetry (Central corneal thickness)

Modern facilities we have for glaucoma patients (Technological advancements, diagnosis)

Early Diagnosis, Screening and treatment procedures are the key goals for GLAUCOMA patient at our hospital.
1. We have Perimeter – (Mapping of visual fields).
2. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for measurement of rectal new fiber layer thickness for earliest detection of GLAUCOMA.


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Tips for glaucoma patients. (Do and Don’t)
– Eat Eye friendly foods.
– Have a sedentary Lifestyle.
– Take your medication as instructed, and visit your Doctor Regularly.
– Don’t Smoke.

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