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PRK Lasik

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Alternative to Bladeless Lasik !

PRK Lasik in Mulund

Why you should not do Lasik?

One will feel, what a stupid question someone is asking?
Lasik is the highest number of Cosmetic surgery done in the US and it is also been approved by NASA. But what are its side effects and what happens for the Thin cornea patients?

For Thin cornea patients the procedure

The procedure of choice is either Femto-LASIK or PRK.

But Femto-LASIK (Bladeless) also has flap-related issues & it can not be done for contact sports ppl and also for divers, adrenaline-seeing sports activities.

So the best choice is PRK.
If anyone sees the statistics of European refractive surgeons, they are shifting towards PRK. But PRK also has its own issues. Glare, pricking sensation. How to negate that? That’s where Trans PRK with SPT platform helps.
Someone will feel it’s some fancy name given to old wine. But no. Trans PRK is one step solution to all refractive needs. There is hardly any pain or pricking sensation. Visual recovery is also comparatively fast and full. And complications are rare. My question is if you are trusting PRK for borderline cases and for critical corneal patients then why not give everyone these new technological advancements
As it says it’s really Touchless Flapless procedure.