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Squint Treatment

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Squint Treatment clinic in Mumbai (Vikhroli)

Squint Treatment Clinic in Vikhroli

SQUINT or Strabismus is a condition in which the eyes do not align properly. The deviation of one eye may be in any upward, downwards, inwards, outwards direction while the other one focuses at one spot.

At Vin-R eye hospital situated in Vikhroli, Mumbai we have doctors who are ready to provide you best treatment for SQUINT.

FAQs on Squint

–  Signs – Misalignment of Eyes.
 Symptoms – Blurred vision in one or both eyes.

-Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) can develop (A condition where brain ignores signals)
– One eye or both eyes point to different directions.
– Some Children turn their face or tilt their head in specific direction in order to use their eyes together.
– Children sometimes experience double vision or confusion while looking at something.
– Frequent Eye rubbing, sensitivity to light.
– Extensive tearing.

The major cause of SQUINT are either a nerve injury or dysfunction of the muscles controlling the eyes.
The other possible causes are:
– Congenital SQUINT – A family H/O SQUINT.
– Long Sight – develops as the eyes ‘ over focus ‘ in order to see clearly.
– Childhood illnesses – SQUINT may develop in  case of measles or Chickenpox.
– Nerve damage – A difficult delivery of a body or illness which may damage a nerve.
– Injuries.

– A careful history is important while diagnosing the SQUINT
– Ocular Examination includes visual Acuity, Determination of Refractive Error, Refraction, Cyclopegia.
– Evaluation of Motor status.
– Evaluation of sensory status.
– Anterior and posterior segment Examination.

– SQUINT due to refractive error are corrected by prescribing suitable spectacles.
– Ambylopia treated with occlusion therapy.
– Eye drops and Eye Exercises.
– Surgical treatment is only used if other treatment are not effective. It can   realign the eyes and restore binocular vision.

What are the aims and when surgery should be done?

Aims –

– To Restore or preserve vision
– To straighten the Eyes.

When to opt for surgery –

SQUINT can be treated by eye exercises, using glasses, etc. In some cases, it may happen that it won’t get corrected by using spectacles or by opting for eye exercise. In that case, an individual has to go for a SQUINT SURGERY.


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Best Eye Hospital for SQUINT TREATMENT

We have performed various squint surgeries with great success rate with the straight head position in just one surgery.

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