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Advanced and Best Eye Surgical Facilities at VinR Eye Care In Mulund

Surgical Facilities

India’s First ever Innovative technology with Highest Safety!

Centurion Silver Phaco Machine.

A Phaco emulsification. It is the technique used to remove the cataract from eye. This technique breaks cataract into small pieces and remove it.

A Centurion Vision System is the best platform used in cataract surgery.

This machine not only provides the advance and innovative technology but it does provide very high safety also. It has highest safety for difficult cataracts upto 2 mm cut.

With the Centurion Silver Phaco machine we have added a great value to our hospital which helps us to give our patients the best experience.

Come and experience the India’s first ever high precision advanced technology at Vin-R Eye care Mulund.

Zepto Technology

Zepto cataract surgery is the latest advanced technology. Zepto is an automated cataract surgery. It has been observed that zepto provides a better result than laser treatment for cataract. Many surgeons found that laser is time consuming and lengthy treatment as compare to zepto.

We have ultimate robotic precision to fit the lens perfectly in one position. Our zepto machine has the best in class safety for complicated cataracts.

It provides not only the consistent and high quality cataract surgery but also very precise and high safety coupled with cost effectiveness to the patients.  Zepto helps surgeons to provide a quick, cost effective and gentle outcome.

Visit us to avail the best ever technology to remove your CATARACT.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT)

It is an imaging technique which uses low consistent light to capture highly precise resolution. We have OCT machine which captures 3D images that are used for excellent eye scanning. Basically it is use to take the pictures of back of the eye that is RETINA.

Mostly OCT machine or 3D scanning is done for the imaging the eyes of patients who are having GLAUCOMA.

Experience the finest surgery procedures at Vin-R eye care center, Mulund and Vikhroli.

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Zeiss Microscope

Microscope is a very essential equipment when it come to eye surgery. As it enlarges the image and increase the accuracy of operation.

At Vin-R we have the world class equipment to take care of your eyes. Zeiss Microscope is German made microscope which gives the superb clarity while performing a surgery.

Safest Lasik Machine!

Safety is the most important factor while performing any operation on eye. LASIK is the 1 of the most performing surgeries on eye.Hence, it is must to use top class machinery while performing lasik.

We have the safest lasik machine which is not only just German made but best in class also.

Visit us for the best lasik operation at Mulund in Vikhroli and live the spectacle free life!

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Gonioscopy is the medical procedure followed while performing an eye examination. This procedure is mainly performed to check the internal drainage system of the eye. This is the location of the eye where fluid inside the eye drains out of the eye.

In this procedure a lens prism is placed on the surface of the eye which allows visualization of the angle and drainage system.In addition, gonioscopy allows the eye doctor to note more subtle characteristics of the eye’s drainage system, in order to guide his or her diagnosis and treatment plan.

Come and visit the comprehensive eye hospital in Mulund and Vikhroli where you will find the best eye doctors.

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