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Vin-R Eye Care Centre

Why choose Vin-R Eye Care Center for your Eye Problems?

The Best Eye Clinic in Mulund, Thane & Vikhroli.

At Vin-R Eye Care, we encourage people to be proactive in taking care of your eyes as its the most vital organ of your body. People spend time on the internet searching for an eye care clinic or an eye doctor. Go through reviews, referrals from family physicians. A little effort of doing research goes a long way when you are looking for a professional and high-quality eye specialist near you. Never compromise on eye care.

Question: Based on the location/site of Vin-R Eye Care Center, is it the best eye hospital to choose for?

Ans: Yes. Vin-R Eye Care Center is one of the trusted eye clinic in Mulund, Vikhroli & Thane locality, with all advanced eye care facilities, with different super-specialty expert doctors having more than 15 years of experience in their respective fields, all under the same roof.

Question: What is NABH? Why the NABH accredited hospital should be chosen?

Ans: NABH is the National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare Providers. Under this, patient safety and satisfaction is the key determinant of quality of care. NABH eye care standards have been formulated, keeping in view the resources available in the small eye care hospitals, functional requirements of Eye care service providers, with emphasis on standards for infrastructure such as building, equipment, manpower, medication management, infection control, and patient safety norms. Vin-R Eye Care Center is an NABH accredited center.

Question: What are the Ophthalmic OPD facilities available which make Vin-R Eye Care Center one of the most preferred centers?

Ans: A comprehensive range of optical/ Ophthalmogical equipment which is mostly fixed/non-portable, clinic rooms completely dedicated to eye care specialists, with easy access to supportive diagnostics technology such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and imaging in OPD ensures smooth running of clinics while providing quality service to patients. Ease of access to eye OPD for visually impaired and wheelchair-bound patients via elevator is available. Clinic waiting areas are well lit, ventilated and air-conditioned.

Question: How about the workload and staffing criteria followed at our facility?

Ans: ‘Do it once and it well’ is the criteria followed at Vin-R Eye Care Center. The aim is better quality patient care and enhanced productivity by completing as many examinations and investigations as is needed at one clinic.

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