eye hospital in mulund
Renowned Eye Hospital in Mulund & Vikhroli.

Experienced eye specialist in Thane district.

Super Specialty Eye Hospital in Vikhroli and Mulund (Mumbai).
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Quality Eye Care with well experienced team of Doctors.

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When it comes to an EYE CARE

Trusted Eye Hospital in Mulund and Vikhroli with advanced eye care facilities.

Eye hospital in Mulund

Cataract Surgery

At Vin-R Eye care center, we use safe and efficient treatments. We believe that cataract surgery outcomes are firstly dependent on surgical skills of the doctor and secondly the technology. We collect all the data and essential things before CATARACT operation. Get consultation from a best eye specialist in Mulund, Vikhroli, Thane & Mumbai at Vin-R Eye Care .

Eye specialist in Mulund

Lasik Surgery

LASIK is the most common eye surgery to correct vision. In simple words, you don't have to depend on glasses after Lasik. Isn't it surprising ? Get your Lasik done at one of the most advanced eye hospital in Mulund, Thane & Vikhroli
We have best in class technologies available for LASIK TREATMENT. We not only have modern techniques but also well qualified doctors. Come and SEE the change at Vin-R Eye care Mulund & Vikhroli.


Glaucoma Treatment

GLAUCOMA is one of the leading causes of blindness because it has no cure. Always visit a trusted and well experienced eye specialist. Treating such eye problems which can cause Irreversible Vision Loss is very essential. Consult our Glaucoma Specialist with more than 20 Years of experience. Vin-R Eye Hospital Mulund-Vikhroli. Get a treatment from the most renowned Eye Specialist in Thane District .

Eye hospital in Vikhroli

Diabetic Retinopathy

Eye is one of the most sensitive organ. Diabetes can cause vision loss. Its better to control eye pressure before its too late. Choose your ophthalmologist wisely. Meet our best ophthalmologists in Vikhroli and Mulund, Mumbai.

Pediatric Opthalmology

Vin-R eye care center is one of the most trusted eye clinics when it comes to PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY. In short a child eye care . We offer squint, child myopia control, specialty lenses to treat kids with eye problems. Consult our experienced PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGISTS in Mulund, Vikhroli and Thane

Eye hospital in Mulund

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye syndrome is a dry eye disease. It's one of the major eye issues growing globally. Reasons behind dry eye syndrome are heavy usage of electronic gadgets like smart phones, computers and most importantly pollution.
Visit the comprehensive dry eye hospital in Mulund, Vikroli & Thane at Vin-r Eye Care.

eye specialist in mulund

Director's Message

Dr Sachin V Shah

Firstly, wish you all a happy eye health.  Our eyes are the windows to the world. I am proud to get an opportunity to serve ophthalmic patients with a clear vision. We have worlds best in class technologies available at all our centers. Rather our Eye Hospital in Mulund is one of the most advanced Cataract and Lasik Center in Mumbai.  

Our Journey

We started our journey on 2000 with a super specialty eye hospital in Vikhroli and in addition to that we are now NABH Accredited. However we are not only the best but also the most trusted Eye Hospital in Thane & Mulund.


At VinR, we believe in complete and comprehensive treatment rather than just focusing on advanced technologies. Reason being every patient has different eye health and not necessarily every advanced technology will meet financial requirement of individual.

We emphasize on making eye care more unique and affordable without compromising on patients health.

Take a right decision !


Eye Doctor in Mulund

How to choose an ophthalmologist in other words  best eye doctor ?

However, eye hospital is not a place that you visit every time. For example a family doctor. Not always but mostly eye problems like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy generally begin after the age of 30-40.

So here are some tips you can follow while choosing your eye doctor.

  • Most importantly qualification and experience of an eye doctor plays a vital part. Better the diagnosis better is the outcome.
  • Consult with your family physician. In the meanwhile keep other options ready for comparison. For example search for good eye specialist in your area, go online, search for reviews and online profile.
  • Similarly try to get referral from friends as well as relatives.
  • Always select a best available technology which fits your pocket. However it does not mean that only advanced technologies can only give you the best outcome, but yes selection in conclusion will always end up with cost vs benefits.

Renowned Eye Specialists on Panel

  • Dr. Sachin Shah

    Dr. Sachin Shah


    MS Ophthalmology, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon, Member of European Society of Cataract and Refractive...

  • Dr. Anuj Soni

    Dr. Anuj Soni


    MBBS, Retina Surgeon.   Dr. Anuj Soni is a Retina specialist in Mulund, who...

  • Dr. Harish Pathak

    Dr. Harish Pathak


    MBBS, MS, DNB Opthal, F.O Oculoplasty Surgeon   Dr. Harish Pathak is a Consultant...

  • Dr.Sharang Wartikar

    Dr.Sharang Wartikar


    MBBS, MS, DNB Ophthal, F.R.F Retina Surgeon. Dr. Sharang Wartikar is a young, compassionate eye...

  • Dr. Anuradha Iyer

    Dr. Anuradha Iyer


    MBBS, DNB Ophthal, FAICO  

  • Dr. Swati Mokashi

    Dr. Swati Mokashi


    MBBS, DOMS Ophthal Cataract Surgeon  

  • Dr. Uttara More

    Dr. Uttara More


    MBBS, MS, DOMS Ophthal Glaucoma Specialist  

  • Dr. Mithila Gaitonde

    Dr. Mithila Gaitonde


    MBBS, MS, DOMS Ophthal Paediatric & Neurocphthal  

Patient's Testimonials

Good staff. Clinic is so huge . They have all facilities. Always crowded however doctors are really good. Thank you for a wonderful experience of a Laser Lasik. I can see without glasses now. Thank you again.

Pritesh D.
All the hospital staffs were very helpful. I really appreciate all your kindness and good care you have provide . Thank you for a clear vision.
Udit Mhatre
Great place for Cataract surgery. The cataract surgery of both the eyes of my father was done here in March 2017. No problem till date. Doctors are gr8.
Vignesh Kulkarni
Best eye specialist in Mumbai. Updated technologies, machinery, infrastructure. Dr Rahul has a good surgical hand. He did Lasik in just 10-15 min. Really no stitch laser surgery. Always recommended.
Madhavi Phadke

Firstly thanks to Doctor Mr. Shah & support staff with out him not possible for us. My mom not even seen with both eyes. She always took support to walk she never go outside the house not even attending the family functions. Just because of this after that one of the our neighbor suggested us to go Vin-R Eyes care center. After that I got an appointment. Doctor gave the confirmation that he operate my mom case then we are all relax because mom is going to see the world just coz of this eye Care center.


After operation few days I went to my home to visit mom. She replied arre Beta ye Gharat that time I am really getting emotional. After along time back mom seeing me & my facial expressions. Really from bottom of my heart thanks to you Doctor & support staff just because of u mom seeing this beautiful world God bless you forever..

Manali Thorat
My husband had an operation in this centre. It was on Saturday 9th August. As per our experience this is best centre for operation. Dr Sachin Shah is one of the best Dr whom we meet. He is smiling person and did operation within 10 minutes and immediately my husband had opened his eyes without any pain. Even staff is cooperative.
It would like to recommend 10/10 marks for Dr Shah and this clinic. For eye Dr Shah is best Dr in Vikhroli.
Madhavi Phadke
Firstly thanks to Dr. Sachin. Secondly all the staff. Amazing experience with Lasik. Thank you so much. In short you all guys deserve to be the best in your industry.
Rahul Jadhav

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Why to select Vin R Eye Care Center ?

  • Comprehensive eye clinic in Mulund & Vikhroli coupled with advanced technologies.
  • One of the most trusted eye specialist in Mulund
  • World class facilities for diagnosis.
  • Updated Technologies coupled with Experienced Eye Specialists.
  • Right advice with perfect treatment.
  • To sum up, numbers of happy patients we have are nearly 5 lakh
  • 20+ years of tradition in Eye Care Industry.
  • Last but not the least ” Eye Treatments at Affordable Cost

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Eye Hospital in Mulund

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